Governor Large Adult Cremation Urn

  • $474.99
  • EXTERIOR: 9 5/8  x 8 3/8 x 6 3/8 (in) urn handcrafted in USA by a 3rd generation wood working family. 
  • INTERIOR: Features 280-cubic inches inside, and able to accommodate a temporary urn.
  • NOBLE BEAUTY: The Governor is made of solid walnut with handmade maple wood key inlays around the sides.  Secured by bottom wood panel with 4 screws.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: This funeral urn can be personalized and engraved in memory of your loved one.
  • MADE IN USA: American made

Chateau Urns-Classic Collection-Governor Large Adult Cremation Urn

Part of the beautiful Chateau Collection from Chateau Urns, the Governor Adult Cremation Urn is designed with handmade quality craftsmanship, dedication, and understanding. The Chateau tradition is to capture the essence of a world that places high value on the quality of our personal interactions and their legacy.  Like no two people are the same, each piece of the Classic Collection comes handmade from solid wood making each piece unique.

Find relief in taking care of this important part of your loved one’s funeral, remembrance service, or celebration of life. This durable, solid wood urn is secured by a solid wood bottom panel secured with 4 screws, ensuring its contents stay safe.  A temporary cremation container/urn can fit comfortably inside.

The handmade maple key inlays on the edges show the intricate detail and quality craftsman ship needed in order to create this pieces. The regal Governor will fit right in on your mantle at home or on display at a memorial. 

Inspired by the artisan, hardworking nature of woodworkers, the Classic Collection aims to support local small businesses and truly American made products with the finest woods   Handmade by a 3rd generation wood working family, you can ensure that each piece comes carefully handcrafted and unique.

This solid walnut wood urn can be engraved, allowing it to be personalized according to your or your loved one’s wishes. 

Dimensions: 9 3/8 x 8 3/8 x 6 3/8 inches and holds up to 280 lbs (280 cu inches).