About us



Interpersonal relations are the true art of living and a culture of its own.  This Relational Life involves taking our time, appreciating other with all their emotions, individual vices and experiences and honoring our treasured relationships.  It involves enjoying delightful moments throughout life and living this spirit whether we are alone or together with our friends.

With knowledge of tradition, innovation and a sense of elegant functionality, the Chateau brand unites this culture with craftsmanship, dedication and understanding.  We create our products with passion, care and a great love of detail.  Our team is personally committed to high quality and outstanding customer service.  Because like our customers, we share a strong attachment to those we love.

The Chateau is the personal badge of a family that refers to the dwelling residence of a family member of nobility.  It is this nobility and grace that we have tried to capture in the Chateau brand.

The Chateau tradition is to capture the essence of a world that places high value on the quality of our personal interactions and their legacy. Chateau has linked people all around the world by a love of memories, beauty and elegance of loved ones and living. This is the true meaning of the Chateau brand inspired Relational Life.