Montreaux Small Keepsake / Pet Cremation Urn

  • $135.99
  • EXTERIOR: 3.7" x 3.7" x 4.5" (inches) urn has high lacquer glass piano finish and secure bottom brass plate.
  • INTERIOR: Can accommodate up 30 lbs/30 cubic inches
  • RUSTIC APPEAL: Montreaux features a natural rustic burl finish with distinctive black edges.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: This funeral urn can be personalized and engraved in memory of your loved one.
  • MATCHING LARGER SIZE: The Montreaux cremation urn is also available in a matching finish larger urn size.

Chateau Urns-Chateau Collection Montreaux Small Keepsake / Pet Cremation Urn

Part of the beautiful Chateau Collection from Chateau Urns, the Montreaux Small Keepsake / Pet Cremation Urn is designed with quality craftsmanship, dedication, and understanding. The Chateau tradition is to capture the essence of a world that places high value on the quality of our personal interactions and their legacy.

Find relief in taking care of this important part of your loved one’s funeral, remembrance service, or celebration of life. This durable, solid urn is secured by a bottom heavy brass plate held in with screws, ensuring its contents stay safe.

Inspired by spectacular views of the alps and picturesque architecture. The lovely rustic burl in a natural finish with black edges captures this regions' true beauty and old world traditions.  It is covered with the premium upgrade of a high lacquer glass piano finish, which will maintain the lovely appearance of the urn for years to come. Urn comes in a luxurious velvet bag to prevent scratches and scuffs during transportation.

This beautiful urn can be engraved, allowing it to be personalized according to your or your loved one’s wishes. 

Dimensions: 3.7" x 3.7" x 4.5 inches and fits up to 30 lbs (30 cu inches).